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Duration: 4 hours
Location: Konjic
Price: 30EUR / person
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Tito’s Nuclear Bunker

**BOOKING IS REQUIRED AT LEAST 24HOURS BEFORE the date of service along with your full name and surname, date of birth, travel document number and nationality has to be provided in order to get clearance for the visit from the Ministry of Defense**

Have you ever wondered about the secret home of Agent 007? From now on you can visit a similar secret home for yourself!
The biggest military asset of Former Yugoslavia was built in secret from 1953 to 1979 an investment worth of $407,496,256,00, and was virtually unknown to everyone until its discovery in 1990s.
This atomic shelter was intended to be used by Tito and his 350 closest officials housing them in impressive space that takes up 6,500 m2, reaches to about 300m under the ground and posses devices and systems of communications that were considered sci-fi back in those days.


! Minimum 24 hour booking before the date of the service
10:30 4 hours 30,00 EUR -Transportation
-Local guide
-1 bottle of water
-Admission to the Bunker in Konjic
3 persons
*If the minimum requirement is not reached, special price will be offered in order to do the trip