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Gazi Husrevbegova 46a,
71000 Sarajevo, Baščaršija

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Company Profile

About the Company

Founded in 2002 as “Sarajevo Discovery” – a local tours and trips agency offering services in Sarajevo, Bosnia. As such we have been awarded several prizes as “Tourism rose of Bosnia”, City of Sarajevo medal, USAID best in local tourism prize as well as the first listed tour company from our country in Lonely Planet, Petit Fute, TimeOut, New York Times, Herald Tribune, der Spiegel and many other newspaper and guidebooks worldwide.

Based in Sarajevo, Bosnia, with strong presence in inbound travel trade segment, today has excelled its branches in Dubrovnik and Zagreb, Croatia.

As an DMC and MICE company today is known as DISCOVERY and offers full range of services from event organization to program creation and control in wider area of Balkans.

The company still operates Sarajevo Discovery branch as a local tour and trips organizer specialized mainly in organizing Adventure and Cultural activities, that in their quality and price differ from the rest on the market.

Our Motto:

DREAM EXPLORE DISCOVER is based on a quote sometimes attributed falsely to Mark Twain; Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Discovery will offer experience to its clients that is different and thrilling, one that will engage them to feel a part of the area not only a mere visitor taking photos. Our Hands On experiences and optionals are already so popular that we by now are expanding the network of local families and craftshops in order to host the growing market. And all of this because we dared to Dream that there will be those Explorers visiting our region willing to Discover more of it!

DISCOVERY services are:

Multi Country Tours in Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Hungary, Austria
Culturan Tours in the above mentioned countries.
Heritage Tours
Adventure Tours
Recreation Holidays

What DICOVERY is able to provide:

Personalized assistance on arrival & departure
All sorts of transfer from car to coach in any city
Accommodation in all categories of hotels from budget to 5star
Multilingual certified and licensed guide service
Tour Escort services (Throughout guide)
Special cultural theme events and classes (cooking classes, home hosted lunch or dinner experiences, horse riding schools, folk concerts etc)

Quality services:

Customer satisfaction can only be achieved by quality and time to time services. Knock us at any hour and from anywhere in the world, we are available. The company tries to give the ultimate satisfaction and luxury depending upon the traveller’s need. Whether you are on a multi country trip, trekking tour or tranquil beach holiday, we provide you a niche and satisfied tour along with certified guides. Further our new travel portal currently in development will offer a wide range of services and information also available in android and iphone app with direct messaging and online purchases.

Auhorization and national/international membership:

DISCOVERY is one of the leading tour operators in Bosnia and also works in association with prime national agencies in the tourism industry such as Union of Tourist Agencies of Bosnia (UTABIH), Bosnian Mountaineering Federation (PSBIH), and is as well a founding member of Association of Incoming agencies and tour guides (UIATV).
These national memberships are a proof of the credibility of our services in the business, and we are also members of several international organizations, most notable of them are; World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA), European Tourism Association (ETOA), and our employees are FEG Club Members (European Federations of Tourist Guide Associations)

Our Clients:

Until this day DISCOVERY has served more than 300 000 clients and is a local vendor for more than 50 tour operators and a large number of smaller agencies, in addition we provide our services to foreign embassies in the region as well as other government and non government organizations.
For our more frequent clients we also provide our so called "BIG BUYERS PROGRAM" for which we will create a program no other tour company will have, and that will make both us and our partner a recognizable player on the travel market.